mary kelly

In collaboration with Emma Hedditch, Mike Sperlinger, Megan Frazer, Marina Vishmidt, and Ian White.

‘mary kelly’ was an artist-led project that attempted to articulate the politics of site and self through a radical engagement with “cinema”. It consisted of a screening series of work drawn largely from the Cinenova distribution catalogue, which was shown in specific locations throughout 2003. We worked simultaneously on the publication as an organic document of the work, of process, expressions and ways of working. A common and absolutely exposed singularity, refutes the lie of originality and it takes a collective name ‘mary kelly’. It is a collective enunciation of no composite parts. Mediation throws up immanence. Just as different MATERIALS (people, film, publication, sites) come to solidify a project and give form to an idea, this idea is formed in an accumulative manner in the process of our actions: as a delayed but significant insight rather than the instant recognition of forms. The potential of our actions coming into being, against the tendency of things to remain the same.

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Following the screening of Born In Flames at the Other Cinema, three members of the audience volunteer to read two statements by workers from the cinema, and a statement from a cinema goer.