Doubtful Guests: an argument at play

Presented at XIV Festival Internacional De Improvisacion Hurta Cordel, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, February 2010, Café OTO, London, May 2009, and Die Theatre Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria, October 2006.

M. Cay Castagnetto (drums), Philip Zoubek (prepared piano), ELFFRIEDE (ink), Maki (tagtool*)

Three acts of drawing and music.

“Something that emerged from instruction and yet not quite emerged-not quite structured-never quite structured…” (Yoko Ono)

 Doubtful Guest 2

“Doubtful Guests: an argument at play”, was intermedial stage play involving four artists and musicians. The play was structured in three acts, each of which was improvised and brings into being a different exercise: participation, resistance and the intimacy between both. Through music, sound and visuals (projected onto multiple surfaces throughout the venue). The narrative was also determined by an unforeseen development between the many subject positions, and the different relations between the musicians and the artists. The play took motifs from the absurd theatre of Eugene Ionesco (The Chairs) and the stories of American writer and illustrator Edward Gorey (The Doubtful Guest), especially around themes of strangeness, the other and imaginary presence.

*tagtool is an interactive digital drawing device developed by Maki and Mathias Fritz that enables the animation and projection of live drawing.

Supported by acf