Performance in collaboration with Beatrice Dillon, 8fold, London

Within a triangular room we will build a circle made out of semi-transparent fabric in which we will set up instruments to perform music.  In each of the corners we will have an assistant holding a microphone and a large print of the list below.

Each member of the audience will be invited to request a ‘track’ from this list. The assistant will then read out the title of the requested ‘track’ through the microphone (this will happen in turns between the three axis of the triangle).

‘The hidden ‘band’ inside the circle will then respond by performing music that interprets the track description. The length of each piece is decided by the performers and may range from 3 seconds to 3 minutes.

A ‘Fluffer’ is a hired member of the crew of a pornographic movie whose role on the set is to arouse the participants prior to the filming. The audience in this case represents the Fluffer, the ‘band’ acts as the performing subjects. The room is divided into zones of public choice and the private delivery of generic denominators of music.

Melissa and Beatrice, hidden behind the curtain, will be wearing naked suits whilst playing this music. The ill-fitting naked suits reflect the innocence and naivety of the improvisation and aims to hint at the artifice born out of a pure desire to entertain.

Track List:

The Human TouchLight, Gentle and Sensitive Theme

Life Is For LivingUplifting, Soulful Celebration with Emotive Choir

Soft HorizonsDown-tempo, Chill-Out with Strings and Occasional Punch

Happy HeartsMoving, Soaring, Orchestra with Baritone and Tenor

Happy RainbowTranquil and Pleasant, Lazing In the Sun

The Magic Of ChristmasBright and Cheerful Yuletide Beat

The Spirit Of ChristmasGentle Acoustic Sing-a-Long

Industrial PanoramaDriving Indie-Rock with a Positive Feel

The Dawn Of HopeSteadily Building, Triumphant and Patriotic

Close ShaveA Funky Up-tempo Organ Groover with a Great Brassy Chorus

SurvivalBleak & Apprehensive Atmosphere with Vocal FX

The SacrificePowerful and Heavy, Dramatic Drumming

Ideas In Action (Part 1)Energetic, Electronic, Relentless Tribal Drumming

Ideas In Action (Part 2) Carnival Time: Big Brass and Organ, No Vocals

Planet EarthExpansive Flute,Powered Atmosphere

All In The MindLaid-Back and Faraway Space Rock

Great ExpectationsBuoyant, Smiling, Bucolic Violin Concerto

Pictures In My MindEmotional and Tender with an Uplifting Pumping Theme

Out Of SightMenacing and Moody Pre-Historic Atmosphere with Fx

Face To Face Dreamy, Laid-Back and Expansive Chill-Out

Good NewsVibrant, Solid Groove

I Miss You BabyPowerful Feel with a Serious Mood

Text read for the performance (by members of the audience)

 Let’s just say we wont be taking requests    

The musical momentum should come from us      

Beginning with someone else’s request?      

It’s too much                     

We’ll get stuck with the pressure of having to invent all this music     

We’ll say:’We can’t perform this or that’ or maybe   

‘We just dont feel like playing that particular track’                   

lets just be open             do an improv thing                       

maybe we can really rehearse and play a love song well. Something slow tempo with you singing and together we build towards an emotive chorus            

I like that idea but what about all the samples?                    

If we make the library samples the main thing                      

We will be too restricted and we’ll get stuck playing with the loop.  Then let’s just work on four themes and we can then improvise live from that        

“I remember playing in the wooden circle, it was like a hamster wheel.A wooden revolving cylinder, this was when I was a child. We all were spinning in this round wooden circle and underneath us was a concrete plateau…      ”     

Maybe if we approach these thoughts there might be something there?  Let’s work on this then                      

OK, let’s write a script and read it naturally from inside.  We are getting stuff done, this is good                           

Let’s forget about the music, Let’s focus on a script                            

That sounds nice, but try to read it a little slower, maybe emphasize certain words                   

Let’s try again                     

How about a little vocal-effect on some of the sentences                   

This is funny,you sound like T-Pain but be careful not to overdo it. Let’s workshop it tomorrow, bring the costumes and we’ll do a general rehearsal at the end of the day, we’ll do all the shopping on friday                     

trying trying trying                     

Honestly? This all sounds a bit flat, It’s way too long, it’s like 20 minutes  

We’re not succeeding in capturing this process                       

What are we going to do?                   

This is not funny at all, Does this even work?                           

This is just a dull script being read out, It would make a bad performance.  We can’t make it sound natural, in fact it’s awful              

When we’re just talking in the studio it really moves, But when we write it down it dies, It has no life to it                 

Just sounds like we don’t mean it             

Let’s meet early tomorrow                    

I’m nervous about this, I couldn’t sleep                           

I’m shitting it too 

I re-read it and we’re really putting ourselves out now                

‘Goodbye Hellos… Eh!?’              

After so much work, How can we still feel this unhappy? 

Are we this insecure?                    

People must like what we do, because here we are again, preparing for something                  

I’m not happy, maybe we should cancel                   

Shall We?            

It’s better to cancel than to do something we will feel embarrassed about,isn’t it? 

I say Cancel, out of respect. We haven’t got it down             

But we have worked so much        

we’ve fluffed and fluffed and fluffed but we just cant come. Somehow we just haven’t managed to feel good about it                  

Let’s just walk away clean and sorry                            

We tried everything                                

But this can’t be the sum total, Can it?                  

If you are honest you always do something with a purpose in mind. There’s always someone you are addressing when you do something like this. lets don’t break it down, It’s not about Us and Them            

Canceling at this point just feels terrible                  

We mustn’t do it               

I have faces in mind that I can’t let down                    

For self-respect? I would cancel                          

It would be easier                           

Forget about it being just getting it done, getting something out there that is amazing powerful finished brand new OR not being part of, not turning up. It’s the grey in between                       

And let’s face it we don’t want to miss the exam                     

I read in the tao of wu, it said that Adam and Eve saw that they were naked and they became afraid                           

You find yourself in Paradise, and it’s never long before your mind says…. “now what?…”