Untitled 2, Study For Film

Performative composition in collaboration with Kerstin Schroedinger for the Film ‘Red, She Said‘ by Mareike Bernien and Kerstin Schroedinger.

The video-work for which this performance was conceived explored the history of colour in film. It shows colour as autonomous actress within the rules and boundaries of filmic space. The video discusses colour as framework of a desire for disobeying colour spaces and colour-bathed fields of desire.

We compiled the performance from two films by Peter Weiss, called Study 2 and Study 5. Within the history of colour film the performance is situated in neo-realist post war environment, existentialist filmmaking. The approach was to work with fragments of a body, instead of a whole, consistent body. To think of Queer desire as it exemplifies itself by its lack of singular object relations and an insistence on unstable and mutable boundaries. These fragments try to establish different or other modes of relation. We worked with the idea of DESIRE as a strategy, medium, site and scene. The performance in the first case is held in black background, with skin colour. The relation to colour appears secondary as a transmitter for desires that are left undone, as if the body fragments remain in this very contained and controlled performance space and the colour is added after, and in-between.

study for film cay castagnetto

study for film cay castagnetto 1

untitled cay castagnetto

untitled cay castagnetto 1

untitled cay castagnetto 2