Reproductive Labour

Cinenova Working Group: M.Cay Castagnetto, Megan Fraser, Emma Hedditch, Henriette Heise, Karolin Meunier, Emily Pethick, Irene Revell, Sandra Schaefer, Marina Vishmidt.

Showroom Gallery 2011

Reproductive Labour intended to make public and urgent Cinenova’s actual situation with regard to its ability to preserve, promote and distribute the work in the collection. We presented the case of Cinenova as a site that gives rise to reflections on the desires and problematics that arise through collective cultural work, along with the practicalities and labour involved in maintaining such an organisation. These reflections were crucial to the thinking of the exhibition, where we hoped to make visible, and thereby transform, these processes. Whilst our current landscape is vastly different to that of Cinenova’s beginnings – on the one hand the demise of the ‘new social movements’ especially the feminist movement; and on the other a revolution in media technologies – the continuous presence of Cinenova is a collective and critical project which intends to provide tools and meeting points in the present. The exhibition Reproductive Labour is informed and inspired by the content and structure of Cinenova and how it offers us an important angle on history.

THE DIALECTICS OF SEX: A REPRODUCTION (As part of Reproductive Labour)

Reading and Transcription Conceived and Organised by M.Cay Castagnetto, Grace Schwindt and Marina Vishmidt

SCUM Cay Castagnetto

Shulamith Firestone’s vision of a human future free of biological sex roles, with technology looking after reproduction, was a meeting between Marxism and radical feminism that was never repeated. In this session, a group of readers and two writers attempted to transcribe the entire book. Visitors to the exhibition were welcome to take part in the reading. The comments and interruptions were integrated into the main transcription of the text.

The dialectics of sex Cay Castagnetto

Dialectic of sex Cay Castagnetto 1